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Frank Shinall (Drums)

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Frank Shinall (Drums) Photo credits by Shutterstock

Frank has always been into drums. From the late sixties, he taught himself to play by listening to bands like Grand funk Railway, Humble Pie, ZZ Top, 38 Specials and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

His main influences are John Bonham (Led Zep), Frank Beard (ZZ Top) and Buddy Rich.

Frank started playing professionally in bands on the Perth hotel circuit and did so for many years. He also found time to become a sound engineer and lighting tech - touring with local, national and international acts, with his own PA & lighting hire company.

In the '80s, Frank concentrated on the blues and played drums in the Sneekers blues band.

After several years he retired from professional playing and then stopped playing altogether to do the family thing - only dragging the kit out on special occasions.

15 Years Later ...

After a good mutual friend passed away, Alan and Andrew ask me to do a couple of songs with them at his wake - one being a Robin Trower number which got the juices flowing again. After a few fill-in gigs, they ask me to join Empire Blues and the rest is history.

Played with:

  • Warlord
  • King Rat
  • Robbers Dog
  • House Rockers
  • Benny la-Tooth
  • The Freighters
  • The Sneekers
  • Cactus jack
  • Empire Blues


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